Let Us Be Your Guide

We are a team of creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs offering strategic design and facilitation services.

Like the many tools and perspectives needed to embark on an expedition, our diverse team has the skills needed to catalyze your work and initiatives. We specialize in delivering transformative learning, educating and empowering social entrepreneurs, and creating innovation ecosystems.


Our Services



We help groups develop creative and strategic means to drive change. Our team works closely with foundations, corporations, universities, and government organizations to co-create strategies that best activate and engage their constituents and drive measurable impact.


Case Study: logo-newleaf Spearheaded the innovation ecosystem in State College, PA and leveraged over $1 million in assets through New Leaf



Facilitation is the art of providing appropriate tools, tips and guidance for individuals to embark on their journey. We integrate dynamic and participatory elements from Art of Hosting, Design Thinking, Transformative Action, and Work on Purpose for our workshops.


Case Study: logo-sullivanDesigned, coordinated and facilitated the Ignite Retreat for the Sullivan Foundation network of 70 universities.





With a strong focus on individuals, we design tailored content programs and curriculum for organizations. We take insights and methods from leading education movements and alternative learning organizations to inform our work.


Case Study: logo-sullivanDesigned the Social Entrepreneurship curriculum to be rolled out to the Sullivan Foundation network of 60+ universities.



We offer a variety of keynote talks highlighting the lessons learned from our years of work. Our talks are more than a list of bullet points, but are engaging and actively involve the audience (it’s hard not to put on our facilitator hat).


Case Study: logo-sullivanDelivered keynote address for the Dalhouse ESS Program in Halifax Canada and assisted in running the Leadership Development program.

The Story Behind Our Name

Sherpas are world-renown guides with local knowledge of the Himalayans who help climbers reach their peak. In the social entrepreneurship community, there are countless groups that provide this same type of guidance, from accelerators to conferences, webinars to coaches.


The reality, however, is that very few people climb to the mountain peak. Simply getting from the village to Base Camp #1 is often the hurdle that most people face. But there are few groups designed to help people overcome and take that critical first step when it comes to changemaking. That’s where we come in.


On a mountain trek, the early stage guides are known as lowland porters. Unlike sherpas who wear shoes to battle the cold climate, porters often do their work barefoot. We like to think of ourselves as the lowland porters for the social change community. We empower and equip people to embark on the first steps of their changemaking journey, and we work alongside groups and communities to create the ecosystems that nurture and support those journeys.



Our Clients

Here are just a few of the organizations we facilitate for, consult with, and dream alongside.


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